Table tennis

Table tennis started as a parlour game in Victorian England in the 1880s. The sport was a popular after-dinner entertainment for upper-class society as an alternative to lawn table tennis, using whatever they could find as equipment. A line of books would often be the net, the rounded top of a champagne cork would be the ball and occasionally a cigar box lid would be a racket.

Table tennis has progressed enormously since it was first invented, evolving from a parlour game to a highly competitive sport. Nowadays, players use specially developed rubber-coated wooden and carbon-fibre rackets and a lightweight, hollow plastic ball. Thanks to their high-tech rackets, they can now smash the ball at over 150 kilometres per hour!

64 Athletes (32 women and 32 men)

Women / Men / Individual / Mixed International Team



Mixed international Teams: Each team match consists of three matches. The first match is a singles match between the women. The second match is a singles match between the men. After a five (5) minute break, the third match is a mixed doubles match. All matches are the best of five games. Games are played to 11 points with at least a two-point difference.

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