Shooting as a sport has been practised for hundreds of years, with some German shooting clubs dating back more than 500 years. The popularity of the sport grew during the 19th century, when earlier forms of organisations, such as shooting clubs, developed into national shooting federations. The Société Suisse des Carabiniers - the Swiss Shooting Federation - was founded in 1824 in Switzerland, while Queen Victoria inaugurated the British National Rifle Association in 1859.

In 10-meter Rifle and Pistol events, marksmen need to be as steady as possible to be accurate and consistent. In order to achieve this, they use relaxation techniques to drop their heartbeat, fire between heartbeats and use blinkers, aiming at a target placed 10 metres ahead of the firing line. The bullseye, the 10th ring on the target, is no more than a tiny dot. In the 10m Air Pistol event, the 10th ring measures 11.5 millimetres in diameter. In the 10m Air Rifle events, the 10th ring measures 0,5 millimetres.

80 Athletes (40 women and 40 men)

Women / Men / 10m Air Rifle (men, women and mixed international team) / 10m Air Pistol (men, women and mixed international team)



Two types of guns are used: rifle and pistol.


Rules vary according to several factors: distance to the target, type of target, shooting position, number of shots and time to shoot.


Individual events: Shots are fired at a 10-ring target. In the qualification, Men and Women shoot 60 shots in seventyfive (75) minutes. Final consists of two 5-shot series to be fired in 250 seconds. This is followed by 14 single match shots each fired on command in a time of 50 seconds. Eliminations of the lowest scoring finalists begin after the 12 shots and continue after every two shots until the gold and silver medals are decided. There is a total of 24 Final shots.


Team events: Teams are composed of two athletes, one of each gender, based on their final rankings in the individual events. Team events consist of a Qualification, followed by additional Rounds with separate matches (Round of 16 until Gold Medal Match) where the team which reaches 10 points is the winner of each match.

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