Roller speed skating

Roller speed skating is a completely new sport on the Olympic programme at Buenos Aires 2018 and fits in well with local youth culture. Roller speed skating was part of the Nanjing 2014 Sports Lab, a concept that inspired Buenos Aires 2018 with the mission of bringing sport, culture and education to young people.

24 Athletes (12 women and 12 men)

Women / Men / Combined Competition



Consists of three distances (phases); 500m Sprint, 1000m Sprint and 5000m Elimination.


All skaters compete in all distances. Races will be timed automatically, with an accuracy of one thousandth of a second.


The event results are based on points. The winner of each distance is awarded 12 points, second place 11 points, third place 10 points and the remaining places 4-12 are awarded from 9 points down to 1 point.


Points in the 500m Sprint and 1000m Sprint distances are assigned based on times in the last completed round.


The final ranking of skaters is based on the total number of points earned in the three phases.

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