Invented by Pierre de Coubertin, creator of the modern Olympic Games, modern pentathlon honours the competition that used to be the climax of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece.

The ancient pentathlon consisted of running, jumping, spear-throwing, discus and wrestling. The modern pentathlon was introduced at the Stockholm Games in 1912, comprising pistol shooting, fencing, swimming, horse riding and running.

From 1912 to 1980, the Olympic modern pentathlon was held over five days with one event per day. At the 1996 Olympics it was held all in one day for the first time. In 2000 women were accepted to the programme and gender equality was reached. In 2009 a combined event of running and shooting was introduced. Subsequently laser shooting was introduced and was held at the first YOG 2010 in Singapore. Presently, the laser-run, with laser shooting as the last discipline, is the pinnacle of all pentathlon events.

48 Athletes (24 women and 24 men)

Women / Men / Individual / Mixed International Team Relay



Each event consists of different phases: Fencing Ranking Round, Swimming, Fencing Bonus Round, Laser Run.


Individual event: Each Modern Pentathlon Individual event takes place over two (2) days. The fencing ranking rounds (épée) takes place on the first day. The final day consists of the following Modern Pentathlon phases: swimming (200m freestyle), fencing bonus round and laser-run. Athletes achieve points in each phase according to their performance.


Mixed International Team Relay: For the relay competition, 24 teams are composed of one (1) male athlete and one (1) female athlete from the Individual competitions. The team members will be decided by a draw following completion of the Individual competitions. Each team member does all disciplines, but half distances of the individual competitions.

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