The roots of hockey are buried deep in antiquity. Historical records showed that a crude form of hockey was played in Egypt 4,000 years ago and in Ethiopia around 1000 BC. Various museums offer evidence that a form of the game was played by Romans and Greeks, and by the Aztecs in South America. The modern game of hockey evolved primarily in English schools.

The first Olympic hockey competition for men was held in London 1908 with England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales competing separately. After having made its first appearance in the 1908 Games, hockey was subsequently dropped from the 1912 Stockholm Games, and reappeared in 1920 in Antwerp before being omitted in Paris in 1924. The Paris organisers refused to include hockey on the basis that the sport had no International Federation at that time.

The women's game developed quickly in many countries and in 1927 the International Federation of Women's Hockey Associations (IFWHA) was formed. The founding members were Australia, Denmark, England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, the United States and Wales. After celebrating their respective Golden Jubilees - the FIH (International Hockey Federation) in 1974 and the IFWHA in 1980 - the two organisations came together in 1984 to form the FIH.

Hockey 5s, a 5-a-side tournament that is played on a smaller field size, will take place at Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. It was developed by the FIH as a complementary game to the main sport, with the intention of appealing to a younger generation because of its speed and opportunity to showcase high level skills.

216 Athletes (108 women and 108 men)

Women / Men / Tournament by Team



Athletes: On roster 9, on pitch 5, on bench 4. Two teams with 5 players each aim for the opponent’s goal. A match consists of two periods of 10 minutes, with an interval of five minutes between periods.


Players may only use the flat side of the stick to play the ball and, other than goalkeepers, may not use any part of their body to play the ball. Goalkeepers may use any part of their bodies to block the ball or push it away and use their stick or feet to propel it.


Scoring System: The team scoring the most goals wins the match. Match won = three (3) points, Match drawn = one (1) point for each team, Match lost = zero (0) points.

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