The first road event in Olympic history took place in 1896 at the first Games of the modern era in Athens. Olympic cycling was added to the women’s programme in Los Angeles in 1984, with an individual road event. Later, in 1996, the individual time trial was included in women’s Olympic cycling.

At Buenos Aires 2018, the cyclists will compete in the Combined Team Event (includes road and mountain bike-elimination and short cross-country circuit events) and in BMX (freestyle and racing team).

128 Athletes (64 women and 64 men)

Women / Men / Combined Team Event / Mixed BMX Racing Team Event/ Mixed BMX Freestyle Team Event



Women's Combined Team Event / Men' s Combined Team Event Both riders in the team compete in three road cycling race types: Road Race (RR), Criterium, Team Time Trial (TTT) and two Mountain Bike race types: Cross-country Eliminator (XCE) and Cross-country Short Circuit (XCC).


Cycling Road - Team Time Trial: Teams start at given intervals to cover a distance of about 7km. Times are taken on the second rider of each team crossing the finishing line. The team with the fastest time is the winner.


Mountain Bike - Cross-country Eliminator: This is a direct elimination event and is held on a circuit of around 800-1000m which will take around 1min30 for the men and 2min for the women. All riders complete a one lap time trial qualification run, and the fastest 32 riders progress to the Finals.


Mountain Bike - Cross-country Short Circuit: Held on a circuit of around 1.5km which will take approximately three minutes (Men) - four minutes (Women). The time will be taken for the first lap, and then a lap board will be shown announcing the number of laps to go, calculated to give race times of approximately fifteen minutes for the qualification and approximately 20 minutes for the final. In the qualification, there are two heats of 20 riders for each gender, the top 10 in each heat progress to the Final.


Cycling Road - Road Race: Mass start, the first rider crossing the finish line at the end of the total distance is the winner. The distance for the men's and women's road race will be the same. Men and women will complete three laps of about 20km.


Cycling Road – Criterium: The Criterium is a combination of endurance and speed. The winner is the rider with the most laps completed.


Mixed BMX Racing Team Event: There are 16 teams composed of one man and one woman from the same NOC. Men and women compete separately.


Mixed BMX Freestyle Park Team Event: There are eight teams composed of one man and one woman from the same NOC or different NOCs. Men and women compete separately.

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