Breaking is making its debut at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018!

Breaking (also called b-boying or b-girling) is an urban dance style.

The urban dance style originated during the mid-1970’s in the Bronx borough of New York City. The earliest innovators of breaking were African-American and Puerto Rican youth.

A practitioner of this dance is called a b-boy, b-girl or breaker. The ‘b’ in b-boy/b-girl comes from breakboy/breakgirl, as the dancer got down to the breaks provided by the DJ.

24 Athletes (12 women and 12 men)

Women / Men / 1 vs 1 (men and women) / 2 vs 2, Mixed Team



The competition consists of battles between two breakers/mixed teams. Each battle consists of a fixed number of rounds. In each round one breaker/mixed team performs first, then the other responds.


Each round is judged by five judges plus two referees (head judges) against six criteria: Creativity / Personality / Technique / Variety / Performativity / Musicality.


Mixed Team: Each team is composed of one girl and one boy paired according to the final ranking of the 1vs1 battles.

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