Beach Handball

The modern game of handball was first played towards the end of the 19th century in Scandinavia and Germany. Field handball was first recognised at the turn of the century and G. Wallström introduced the sport of "handball" to Sweden in 1910.

The history of the sports game Beach Handball started on the "Isola di Ponza", a little island in South Italy, on June 20th, 1992.

The first official international Beach Handball tournament was in Rome in 1993. Today more than 110 National Federations are practicing Beach Handball worldwide. The International Handball Federation (IHF) has been organising World Championships for both men and women since 2004. The VII Beach Handball World Championships will be organised in Kazan, Russia in 2018. Beach Handball has been an official sport in The World Games programme since 2001.

216 Athletes (108 women and 108 men)

Women / Men / Tournament by Team



Athletes: On roster 9, on court 4.


The playing time is two periods of 10 minutes, with a five-minute break between periods.


Each period is scored separately. The winner of a period is awarded one point. If both periods are won by the same team, this team is the winner, with the score 2-0. If each team wins a period, the result is a tie. As there must always be a winner, the "Shoot-out" is used.

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