More weightlifting quota places awarded for the Americas

2018-06-12 14:55:09


In the Colombian city of Palmira, the U17 Pan American Championship awarded four more Olympic tickets per gender ahead of Buenos Aires 2018. Those who had previously qualified obtained their spots at the World Championship last year in Thailand.

Argentina’s Maria Luz Casadevall won in the up to 63kg category. The South American country has its place guaranteed as the organising country.

Palmira wasn’t just a competition site for the 190 best weightlifters from the continent. The U17 Pan American Championship also awarded four new Olympic places per gender for Buenos Aires 2018. The World Championship held last year in Thailand determined the first slots for October.

Peru, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Puerto Rico got the Olympic tickets among the women. They joined the other five countries from the region that qualified at the World Championship: Colombia, Mexico, the United States, Venezuela, and Ecuador. The Mexican women were the big winners at Palmira.

Among the men, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico were added to the list for Buenos Aires 2018. They joined the previously qualified countries: the United States, Colombia and Venezuela. Colombia took home the top prize in the men’s division in Palmira.

Who clinched the gold medals in Palmira? In the competition categories that will present in October, Mexico’s Yessica Hernandez (48kg), Colombia’s Antonia Moya (53kg), Mexico’s Amisadai Cabrera (58kg), Argentina’s Maria Luz Casadevall (63kg), and Ecuador’s Bella Paredes (+63kg) all triumphed.

Colombia’s Stiven Villar (56kg), Juan Martinez (62kg), also from Colombia, Anthony Smith (69kg), from the United States, Colombia’s Harrinson Hurtado (77kg), Ecuador’s Neiser Grefa (85kg) and Morgan McCullough (+85), from the United States, were the tournament winners.

To complete the list of 55 participants per gender, two more qualifiers will be held: the Oceania Youth Championship in New Caledonia from June 22 to 30, in addition to the Europe Youth Championship that will take place from July 22-29 in Italy.

Following the World Championship in Thailand, the African Championship was held in Egypt, and in April Uzbekistan was host to the Asian Championship. Both tournaments awarded places for the Youth Olympic Games. From October 7-13 the Europa Pavilion will be the site for weightlifting competitions at Buenos Aires 2018.

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